December 1, 2003

The Potemkin village of Canadian foreign policy

It has not been a good year for Canadian foreign policy, a year highlighted by further deterioration in relations with the United States and punctuated by a series of...

Bill Dymond, Michael Hart
December 1, 2003

Paul Martin’s choice – nation-builder or CEO

The 21st prime minister of Canada, Paul Martin, ascends to the highest office in the land amidst a remarkable and enviable conjuncture of circum- stances, some, but not all,...

Buzz Hargrove
December 1, 2003

Aboriginal policy – time to rethink

In recent decades, Aboriginal political leaders, writers, and artists have come to centre stage in Canadian society. Many more Aboriginals have good jobs than a generation ago. These accomplishments...

John Richards
December 1, 2003

Martin – neither JFK nor Gorbachev

To commemorate the change in prime ministers, I’ve been re- reading Double Vision, Tony Wilson-Smith and Edward Greenspon’s terrific book on the Chrétien govern- ment’s first term, when all the...

December 1, 2003

Thoughts on a united Right

Many years ago a friend of mine ”” a man of scrupu- lously centrist political con- victions ”” told me that although he found both the left wing and...

December 1, 2003

Paul Martin and cities: show us the money

”œAs some of you might remember, I spoke with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) last May, and three days later found myself out of a job.” That’s how...

Andrew Sancton, Robert Young