We hear every day about the ways technology is changing the world around us. But if these conversations mention government, it’s usually to warn against foreign threats to our elections. Rarely do we discuss the digital transformation going on within the public service.

The FWD50 conference is trying to change that. For the past few years, it has gathered experts from around the world to speak to public practitioners about the possibilities and challenges of digital government. We headed to Ottawa to speak to some of those experts.

On this week’s episode, FWD50 speakers David Eaves (Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School of Government), Jaimie Boyd (Chief Digital Officer, Government of British Columbia) and Kristo Vaher (Chief Technology Officer, Government of Estonia) give us an insider’s look at how governments around the world are tackling the digital transformation.

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David Eaves. Photo by Adam LeBlanc, FWD50
Jaimie Boyd. Photo by Adam LeBlanc, FWD50
Kristo Vaher. Photo by Adam LeBlanc, FWD50

Photo: Adam LeBlanc, FWD50

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