Calls for a guaranteed basic income have strengthened during the pandemic, as proponents of the policy have argued that a basic income is a simple and effective way to reduce poverty. A new IRPP book, Basic Income and a Just Society: Policy Choices for Canada’s Social Safety Net, analyzes the arguments advanced by proponents of a basic income. The authors, in turn, take a hard look at Canada’s social safety net and propose an alternative path forward, which begins by asking: “How do we create a more just society together?”

In this conversation, authors David Green, professor of economics at the University of British Columbia, and Gillian Pettit, research associate at University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, discuss the book’s findings with Garima Talwar Kapoor, who was director of policy and research at Maytree at the time and is now director of policy research and insights at the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Listen now for an engaging discussion on the book and on the future of Canadian social policy.

This episode of the podcast is a recording of a panel discussion held at the book launch of Basic Income and a Just Society: Policy Choices for Canada’s Social Safety Net. The event was moderated by IRPP vice president of research Rachel Samson and took place at the Toronto Reference Library on April 26, 2023.

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Rachel Samson
Rachel Samson is the vice president of research at the Institute for Research on Public Policy. Previous to her current role, she was clean growth research director at the Canadian Climate Institute. Rachel also spent 15 years as an economist and executive with the federal government, and five years as an independent consultant. Twitter @rachel_e_samson
Garima Talwar Kapoor
Garima Talwar Kapoor is the director of policy and research with Maytree, and leads the foundation’s policy research and analysis work on income security, housing and economic and social rights.
David A. Green
David Green is a professor at the Vancouver School of Economics at UBC and an international fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London. He served as chair of the B.C. Basic Income Panel.
Gillian Petit
Gillian Petit is a research associate at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary and a PhD Candidate at the University of Calgary in the Department of Economics. Her research focuses on income supports and tax policy for low-income persons in Canada. Twitter @GillianPetit