Rust-belt cities often conjure an image of decay and decline, but beneath those easy impressions there is something richer: places that are still very much alive. To see this richness requires an intimacy with a city’s cracks and corners, which reg Beaudry brings to his photographs of Hamilton, Ontario. Beaudry moved to Hamilton as a child, and although he has travelled the country, he has always found himself drawn back to what he calls a city with a « brilliant past and a burgeoning present. » His photographs capture Hamilton’s hard beauty, especially the lower city where it all began, and reveal a raw energy that challenges any assumptions of retreat.


James St. North


Beach Strip


Ivor Wynne Stadium


Steel Town


Skyway Bridge


Juravinski Hospital


North End Steel




Photo: Shutterstock by SF photo

Reg Beaudry
Reg Beaudry is the creator, editor and design master of urbanicity magazine (http://

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