6 janvier 2014

On extremism

My text is taken from the Gospel of St. Matthew, which tells the familiar story of Pontius Pilate delivering a carpenter from Nazareth into the hands of first century...

Rev. William A. Holmes
6 janvier 2014

Keep the currency

An independent Scotland will be able to decide our currency and the arrangements for monetary policy. Four currency options were examined by the Fiscal Commission —  the continued use...

Government of Scotland
6 janvier 2014

On revolution

October 24, 2013 We British seem to be a bit embarrassed about revolution, like the passion is uncouth or that some tea might get spilled on our cuffs in...

6 janvier 2014

Fighting back

In the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Civil case no. 13-CV-1856 November 25, 2013 1. This action arises from the pathological and debilitating effects of...

Gary Leeman et al.
6 janvier 2014

Bolsa Familia

Le 13 novembre, à Doha, au Qatar, l’Association internationale de la sécurité sociale remettait son tout premier prix «pour une contribution exceptionnelle à la sécurité sociale» au gouvernement brésilien,...