Eugene Lang is an adjunct professor at the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University and Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute. He is co-author (with Janice Stein) of The Unexpected War: Canada in Kandahar. During the Chrétien and Martin governments, Lang was chief of staff to two ministers of national defence.

Articles de cet auteur

Élections 2015

Several public opinion surveys taken over the past few months confirm this view offered by a veteran parliamentarian. For the first time in a quarter century Canadians head into a federal election in which the …

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Ottawa’s dirty little secret

Professional athletes know better than most that when a muscle isn’t used it doesn’t take long for atrophy to set in, no matter how well developed that muscle once was.  And when the muscle is …

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The shelf life of defence White Papers

The Trudeau government has just published their much anticipated defence White Paper. Titled Strong, Secure, Engaged, the document was the product of unprecedented public consultations, ranging from round tables chaired by the Minister of National …

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