Tasha Kheiriddin is founder and CEO of Ellipsum Communications. She is also a columnist at GlobalNews.ca and does political and current-affairs commentary on Global, CBC News Network and Radio Canada. She has a long career in media, including as news producer, radio host, and editorial board member.


« Emerging policy themes »

Les partis fédéraux ont entrepris de dévoiler les principaux éléments de leurs programmes. Les chefs et autres acteurs de la campagne tenteront d’en orienter le déroulement en misant sur les thèmes et les messages qui …

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Contraband tobacco: Inaction is not an option

From Native reserves to suburban schoolyards, from cross-border communities to downtown convenience stores, there are few places untouched by contraband tobacco. The issue made headlines throughout 2010: newspaper series and research papers chronicled the shocking …

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Emerging policy themes

Canada’s federal parties have begun to share their main policy proposals. The leaders – and third-party players, too – will be trying to shape the narrative of the campaign, pushing certain themes and messages that …

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Emerging policy themes of election 2019

The 2019 election campaign is under way. The parties have made major policy announcements. But so far, much of the commentary has focused on political bombshells. When we don’t talk policy as much as we should, …

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