John Manley is president and chief executive of the Business Council of Canada, a nonpartisan research and advocacy organization composed of the CEOs of Canada’s leading enterprises. He is a former deputy prime minister, and from 1993 to 2003 he was a minister in the governments of Jean Chrétien, serving in the portfolios of Industry, Foreign Affairs and Finance.

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A conversation with John Manley

POLICY OPTIONS: Mr. Manley, thanks for doing this. JOHN MANLEY: My pleasure. PO: In the decade since you left public office, smart phones, social networks, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other forms of communications technology have changed our …

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From the eureka moment to the marketplace

In 1945, an American self-taught engineer named Percy Spencer was building high-voltage electron tubes for radar sets when he noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket was starting to melt. He soon figured out …

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Making Canadians energy wise

Canada's diverse array of energy resources is a source of comparative advantage for the country and a key driver of our future prosperity. By combining smart government policy with private sector commitment and innovation, Canada …

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