Geoff Norquay is a principal at the Earnscliffe Strategy Group in Ottawa. He was senior adviser to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for social policy and director of communications for Stephen Harper in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition in 2004-05.

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A rock and a hard place:
the isotope conundrum

In 1940, the brilliant Canadian scientist George Laurence began an audacious experiment. Following on the discovery of nuclear fission in 1939, Laurence build a prototype nuclear reactor in a room at the National Research Council …

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Can we remake Parliament...and should we?

The winter-spring parliamentary session that paused in mid-June for the summer break was remarkable for its intense partisanship, minimal progress on the government's legislative agenda and loud controversies over relatively minor issues that ultimately went …

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Harperland: The “march of audacities”

In April 1963, Washington Post publisher Phil Graham delivered a speech to the overseas correspondents of Newsweek ina London, which continues to be quoted today: So let us today drudge on about our inescapably impossible task of providing …

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Scheer frustration

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer deserves a second chance. He did not fail to score on a “breakaway on an open net” in the recent campaign. Majority wins by a first-time leader — the kind Justin Trudeau …

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The new normal: Majority government

Please stand by. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The Canadian political system is currently adjusting to majority government after three inconclusive elections and seven long years of fractious minorities. The pace of both politics and …

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Three great reads for the holidays

The inherent problem with anthologies of interviews and columns is that the passage of time may render them stale-dated irrelevancies. It's therefore a good idea for the anthologist to provide some context to remind the …

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