1 juin 2006

Accountability is job one (entrevue)

POLICY OPTIONS: Mr. Baird, thanks for coming in and doing this. Let’s start with the five-year cooling- off period for former officials before they can lobby government. A lot...

1 juin 2006

The old accountability shuffle

”œNever credit to conspiracy what simple incompetence can adequately describe.” Napoleon ”œTrust is the coin of the realm.” George Shultz Friends of the Harper government are divided on how...

1 juin 2006

Activisme judiciaire?

Lors de sa comparution devant le Comité de la Chambre des com- munes chargé d’examiner la nomination d’un juge aÌ€ la Cour supré‚me, le juge Marshall Rothstein a précisé...

Alain Noà«l