Philippe Lagassé is associate professor and Barton Chair, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa. He has served as a third-party reviewer of major defence acquisitions for the government of Canada since 2012. He is co-editor, with Thomas Juneau and Srdjan Vucetic, of the recently published Canadian Defence Policy in Theory and Practice (Palgrave 2020). He tweets @LagassePhilippe

Articles de cet auteur

Appreciating the politics of the pandemic

The pandemic is political. While COVID-19 is essentially a public health crisis with massive economic effects, political decisions facilitated the spread of the virus, and politics guides how governments are working to keep it at …

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Clarifying the Caretaker Convention

These questions should be pretty simple to answer. Shortly after the federal election began, the Privy Council Office (PCO) released Canada’s caretaker guidelines. They’re right here for all to read. Regardless, the past weeks have …

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Improving election night media coverage

Canada’s system of government isn’t easy to understand. As a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy that relies on rules that have evolved over hundreds of years, the intricacies of our system aren’t obvious and can …

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Is Parliament influential or irrelevant?

John Ivison has a provocative piece today in the National Post on the irrelevance of Parliament. It echoes and expands on the concerns many journalists, politicians and academics have expressed about the legislature in recent years. …

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The first and last “Queen of Canada”?

Queen Elizabeth II is Canada's longest reigning post-Conquest monarch. She surpassed Queen Victoria’s tenure on September 9, 2015. Owing to their longevity, a woman has been sovereign of Canada for the majority of its post-Confederation history. …

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