Ken Coates is the Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy and co-director (research) at the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development at the University of Saskatchewan.

Articles de cet auteur

A matter of degrees

Over the last year, my writing with W.R. Morrison has sparked some interesting debate about the role and future of universities in Canada. We have been frequently surprised by which ideas in Campus Confidential are …

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Matching jobs and people

Canada has a problem most other leading economies would be delighted to have: thousands of unfilled jobs.  From the  booming  oil  sector  in  St.  John's, Newfoundland, to the high technology Waterloo region, Fort McMurray's still-expanding …

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Park the paranoia

Canada and the world should welcome Japanese and South Korean interests in the Far North. The rapid transformation of the Arctic from ice-entrapped frontier into an area of promising resource development has turned a once …

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The jobs debate we need

Over the past two years, Canadians have engaged in a national debate about skills, training, job vacancies, and the mismatch between post-secondary education and careers for young workers. This conversation has produced more noise than …

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