Karen Miske is senior advisor, office of the vice-chair, BMO Financial Group.

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A 2011 global snapshot of Canada

We are entering a new global normal. Things will not be as they were. What is emerging is a new multipolar world: economic power is being dramatically redistributed; political, military and technological power will follow. The …

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A global snapshot of Canada, 2010

Too often, when world attention turns to Canada, it is intermittent and with a narrow lens, rather than a broad focus. That is unfortunate, because in today's volatile and uncertain global environment, with all countries …

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Le Canada dans le monde en 2011

Une « nouvelle normalité » mondiale est en marche. Rien ne sera plus comme avant. Nous assistons à la naissance d'un nouveau monde multipolaire issu d'une répartition radicalement différente du pouvoir économique, qui touchera bientôt le …

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