Josh Greenberg, PhD, is a professor of communication and media studies in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University. His research expertise is in the area of crisis and health risk communication. He has collaborated with and provided expert guidance and advice to the World Health Organization, Transportation Research Board (US), Council of Canadian Academies, and Public Health Agency of Canada, among others.

Articles de cet auteur

Contagion fear

A survey of Canadian views of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa shows a gap between the risks we face and our fears. Governments need to understand this perception gap, and prepare for the consequences …

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Pandemic puts public trust to the test

Canadians have never had greater access to news and information than they do today. In addition to daily newspapers, television, radio and Internet news sites – many of which have dropped their paywalls for COVID-19 …

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Taking off the gloves

A funny thing happened during a May 2015 workshop at Carleton University: a room full of public health experts and practitioners all but stood up and cheered for the federal Minister of Health. Well, it wasn't …

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