Jim Prentice is senior executive vice president and vice chairman of CIBC. He was elected to Parliament from 2004 until 2010, serving variously as minister of Industry, Environment and Indian and Northern Affairs.

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A conversation
with Jim Prentice

POLICY OPTIONS: Mr. Prentice, thanks for doing this. In our new Nanos Research poll for Policy Options, 62 percent of Canadians identified fresh water as the country's most important natural resource, by a margin of …

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A North American approach to energy

February 4, 2015 There are three goals Canada and the US should pursue in order to make the most of the triple opportunity that stems from free trade and integrated energy markets. First, we must strengthen rather …

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Ship frozen in ice, crew gets out alive

The Arctic wilderness is one of the strongest yet most mysterious elements of Canada's national identity. We take pride in our self-image as inhabitants of “the True North strong and free” and embrace — albeit …

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Think globally, act locally

My transition from public to private life has reinforced my long-standing belief in the importance of open dialogue between the private sector and governments. As a minister I always maintained, “You don't get excellence in …

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