Contributing Writer David Herle, former pollster and chief campaign strategist for the Liberals under Paul Martin, is a principal of the Gandalf Group in Toronto.

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Clinton versus Obama – a race for the ages

Canadians are paying an extraordinary amount of atten- tion to the US presidential race, particularly the Democratic contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It's not primarily because people are concerned about the policy implications. …

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Go big or go home

The election of May 2, 2011, left the Liberal Party of Canada in ruins, the wreckage strewn from one end of the country to the other. It is left with no meaningful geographic base. From …

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The campaign will go on

Some things about the Democratic contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seem settled. When all primaries and caucuses are concluded, Obama will have elected more delegates than Clinton. However, some other things remain very unclear …

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The spectators

Nestled within the broad population of Canada is a large segment of people not motivated by what motivates most of us, who are not engaged — at least in traditional ways — with the society …

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Trust the data

If you are the type of person who wishes you'd taken more statistics courses in university, this book is either the one for you or the cure for that yearning.   But if you are the type …

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Yes they can...the Libs, that is

Despite the fact that most polls show the Liberals and Conservatives very close to each other in public support, the conventional wisdom in political and media circles is that the Liberals will not win the …

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