Colonel (retired) Charles Davies is a former Canadian Armed Forces logistics officer. He retired in 2013 following a 42-year military and public service career and is now a research fellow with the Conference of Defence Associations Institute.

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Fixing the defence procurement fundamentals

Successive governments come to power in Canada criticizing their predecessors’ mismanagement of defence procurement and promising to do the job more effectively. None has succeeded noticeably better than the others, and the reasons in every …

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Forecast defence requirements first

Governments have infinitely scalable options for the defence capabilities they choose to acquire and maintain for their nations, ranging from fully combat-capable forces across the air-land, maritime, cyber and space environments to domestic constabulary forces, …

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Why defence procurement so often goes wrong

On November 17, 2014, Postmedia columnist Andrew Coyne published “Canada's Glorious Bipartisan Tradition of Messing Up Military Procurement,” in which he observed that all Canadian governments have equally mismanaged defence procurement. This is somewhat unfair, …

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