Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to pen an Op Ed in the Ottawa Citizen on the riots in Baltimore.

I draw on Dr. Martin Luther King’s words, a civil rights leader known for his commitment to non-violent methods, forcing us to think about the messages behind riots. Calling it the « language of the unheard, » he reminds us that we need to denounce the conditions causing violence just as harshly as we denounce the riots themselves. While it may be uncomfortable for us try to tackle some of these issues, we can’t simply focus on the riots and pretend like they are the problem.

For the longer version, have a read here.

Derek Antoine
Derek Antoine is a PhD candidate and instructor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton University. His research interests are in Indigenous communication and social movements, political communication, and the role of communication technology in culture. He can be found on Twitter @derekantoine or his website, derekantoine.com.

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