Steven MacKinnon, a former national director of the Liberal Party of Canada and a candidate in Quebec in the 2011 election, is a principal in the Ottawa office of Hill and Knowlton Canada.

Articles by this author

From the "family pack" to equal opportunity

While canvassing as a Liberal candidate in Gatineau, Quebec, during the 2011 election campaign, I happened upon a woman, quite obviously well read, who asked, simply and reasonably, “Why are we having this election?” After a …

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Recentring the Liberal Party

It is said that our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is a brilliant political strategist. To be sure, he has proven adept at the science of segmentation, fastidiously identifying the slices of the Canadian electorate who …

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Turnaround: a political party rebounds

The election of Stéphane Dion as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada capped a process of democratic activism rarely seen in this country. Many observers called the party's Montreal convention the best ever held …

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