Robert Leckey is dean of the McGill Faculty of Law and Samuel Gale professor. He teaches and researches in constitutional and family law. 


Political factors in judicial appointments

Widespread criticisms of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s judicial appointments raise the question of the yardstick against which critics can fairly measure him. Identifying the relevant standard and assessing these criticisms call for distinguishing appropriate political …

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The faulty received wisdom around the notwithstanding clause

(This article has been translated into French.) Section 33 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has often been described, including by the Supreme Court of Canada, as an “override provision” that allows legislation to override Charter rights and freedoms. According to received wisdom, the …

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Une idée reçue sur la disposition dérogatoire

(Cet article a été traduit de l'anglais.) L’article 33 de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés a souvent été décrit, notamment par la Cour suprême du Canada, comme formant une « disposition dérogatoire » qui permet aux …

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The radicalism of Quebec’s Bill 21

A move for closure on the debate and a marathon weekend session at the Quebec National Assembly saw the contentious Bill 21 finally pass, 73 to 35. The legislation prohibits public-school teachers, government lawyers, judges …

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