Richard Nielsen, a veteran Canadian producer, director and screenwriter, is the founder and president of Norflicks productions, Ltd., an independent Canadian TV production company.

Articles by this author

Joe Clark: last man standing

My older brother's enthusiasm for Tommy Douglas' victory in Saskatchewan in 1944 helped make a CCFer of me. He subsequently moved to the right, at first almost imperceptibly but then rapidly, until now, with the Alliance …

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The world's choice: Mullahs or pirates?

Did the events of Sept. 11th mark a military watershed in which the world's only superpower was revealed to have prepared for the wrong war? Or has that possibility been effectively refuted by the success of …

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Trudeau, Québec and imagined grievances

For many Canadians, the days that immediately followed Pierre Trudeau's death led to a reaffirmation of and rededication to the policies of bilingualism and multiculturalism that he helped bequeath to the nation. There was also …

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