Michael Ignatieff is a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Munk School of Global Affairs. He is a former Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.    

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Libya, Syria and R2P

It is only too obvious that thus far the peoples of the democratic states have failed in our responsibility to protect the people of Syria. This is hardly a failure to intervene: external intervention has …

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Raising our game in Canada-China relations

There's no single explanation for what's going on in today's China: the sustained rapid growth, the massive investment — public, private, foreign and domestic — a burgeoning middle class, environmental problems, dramatic urbanization, continued control …

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The new authoritarianism

The power vertical Michael Ignatieff, The Ditchley Foundation 50th Annual Lecture Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, England | July 12, 2014 Russia's annexation of Crimea has shaken our assumptions about the global order that took shape after 1989. We assumed either …

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