Melanie Doucet is a recent graduate from the McGill school of social work PhD program, and the lead researcher for the National Council of Youth in Care Advocates  

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Breaking the cycle for “crossover youth”

This article has been translated into French. Over the last few months, the case of Abdoul Abdi, a young Somali refugee and former Crown ward facing deportation for being convicted of crimes, has sparked outrage nationwide. Abdi, now …

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Briser le cycle d’une « jeunesse en transition »

Cet article a été traduit de l’anglais. Le cas d’Abdoul Abdi, jeune réfugié somalien et ancien pupille de l’État menacé d’expulsion pour avoir été reconnu coupable d’infractions pénales, suscite depuis quelques mois une vaste indignation. Aujourd’hui âgé …

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Putting the care back into foster care

On February 7, Bernard Richard, Acting BC Representative for Children and Youth, released a report called Broken Promises, chronicling the heartbreaking story of Alex Gervais, a Métis teenager who had been in care since he …

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