Jennifer McGuire has been the general manager and editor-in-chief of CBC News (all platforms) since 2009. She led the digital transformation of CBC News. She was head CBC Radio and CBC Radio programming. The programs “The Current,” “The Debaters,” “Wiretap,” “Spark” and “Q” are among those launched under her tenure.


Intégrité électorale et désinformation

De nombreux pays s’efforcent aujourd’hui de détecter et de prévenir des menaces inédites à l’intégrité de leurs élections et de leurs systèmes démocratiques. Des acteurs à la fois étrangers et nationaux mettent à profit les …

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Electoral integrity and disinformation

Countries around the world are grappling with how to identify and prevent a host of new threats to the integrity of their elections and democratic systems. With the next general election around the corner in …

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