Benjamin Oliphant is a lawyer and writer, whose practice and scholarship focuses on constitutional, administrative, labour and employment law. He has authored or co-authored articles in various journals, including the McGill Law Journal, the Queen's Law Journal and the Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal, and is an adjunct professor at the UBC Allard School of Law.

Articles by this author

In defence of judicial ideology

The Prime Minister has drawn some heat for a number of recent judicial appointments, and in particular, for the appointment of so-called ideological judges.  To the extent that these criticisms reflect an antipathy to judicial …

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Some disjointed thoughts on 'judicial activism'

I have finally had the chance to come up for air, and so will take the opportunity to writhe uncomfortably around the edges of everyone's newly-favourite old-topic: "judicial activism".  For the record, I tend to agree both with …

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Vice magazine, production orders and press freedom

Last week, the Ontario Superior Court upheld a production order issued against Vice Media, which required Vice to turn over to law enforcement various communications between its reporter Ben Makuch and an individual under investigation for suspected involvement …

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