December 1, 2012

The luxury of voting

There are few things as exciting and charged as the presidential elections that occur every four years in the United States. We all know the drill — we go...

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December 1, 2012

A new global energy landscape

The world is still failing to put the global energy system onto a more sustainable path. Global energy demand grows by more than one-third over the period to 2035...

International Energy Agency
December 1, 2012

Time for Maritime union

Some of us have spent a considerable amount of time over the past six months researching, writing and brainstorming about what this region needs in order to take ourselves...

December 1, 2012

A growing unease

A significant and rising proportion of Canadians are uncertain about whether the country remains headed in the right direction, according to our annual Mood of Canada survey. The data...

Nanos-IRPP Survey / Sondage Nanos-IRPP
December 1, 2012

New American values

Why does demographic change matter to politics? Different demographic groups are not hard-wired to vote differently. But while demographic traits do not automatically give rise to particular preferences, traits such...

December 1, 2012

Obama’s opportunity

OBAMA VICTORY DRIVES GUN SALES… The headline scrolled across the CNN screen the day after the November presidential election, adding an ominous tinge to an aftermath that included a...

December 1, 2012

What principle?

Canada found itself in a tiny minority when the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly endorsed the Palestinian Authority’s application for nonmember status as an observer state. Canada’s vote against the...

December 1, 2012

Telling our stories

The scientific community is in transition. No longer are scientists only under pressure to conduct research and publish in peer-reviewed academic journals. The continuing evolution of the Internet as a...

Julia Dorbel, Julie Wilson, Andrea Norris, Les Lavkulich, Suzanne Simard
December 1, 2012

Talking Science

What do we talk about when we talk about science? Is it the stuff of dreams, the adventurous probing beyond frontiers to satisfy our innate curiosity? The best hope...

Shirley Cardenas
December 1, 2012

Le pari de la diversité

Fait rare, il était possible cet automne de suivre deux séries télévisées scandinaves. L’excellente production danoise Borgen, d’abord, qui met en scène une solide et attachante première ministre centriste, Birgitte Nyborg,...

December 1, 2012

Talking science

The divide between science and the humanities was famously laid out by English chemist and novelist C.P. Snow in his “two cultures” lecture more than 50 years ago, but...