September 1, 2003

Dubya: he’s no moron, he’s an MBA

Last fall, the prime minister’s communications director called President Bush a moron. George W. Bush has a 1975 MBA from Harvard Business School. According to Webster’s, a moron is...

John S. McCallum
September 1, 2003

Genome diplomacy: Canada’s crucial role

A powerful new wave of health-related life sciences, energized by the knowledge and tools of the Human Genome Project, is upon us. Genomics ”” the study of the entire...

Abdallah S. Daar, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Peter A. Singer
September 1, 2003

Foreign policy and the culture of complaint

In his 1993 polemic, Culture of Complaint, culture critic Robert Hughes cast a sardonic eye over the American social scene. Everyone was now claiming victim status, Hughes noted, leading to...

Phil Ryan
September 1, 2003

Information still wants to be free

Although the dot-com bubble has burst, the task of sorting through the debris is not yet complete. Over the course of the past decade, so many false, misleading, implausible...