Letter from the Editor-in-chief

Every day, somewhere in this country, a public administrator, politician, corporate executive, NGO leader or researcher is asking a colleague the question: What are the policy options?  They’re studying the challenges that face Canadians, whether those challenges be longstanding or brand new, and they’re developing innovative solutions and strategies. The options they choose become the stuff of legislation, regulation, urban planning, taxation, diplomacy and workplace policy – in other words, they are choices that ultimately affect us all.

This digital magazine invites the question about the available Policy Options in its very title, but it also opens up the discussion to a much wider audience. It is a window into some of the discussions that key decision-makers are having, or else should be having. In our pages you will find people who are experts in their fields, contributing to this open forum in the hopes of improving the quality of debate over public policy.

Our commitment is to bring you viewpoints from a diversity of voices and in both official languages. The articles and podcasts here are presented in a style that we hope is engaging and accessible to any Canadian who is curious about the thinking behind public policy.

We invite your feedback and your ideas.

Jennifer Ditchburn