Jim Stanford is economist and director of the Centre for Future Work, based in Vancouver, and Harold Innis Industry Professor of Economics at McMaster University.

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Fax from the fringe: Goodbye, Amway

Canada's job-making machine has continued to charge ahead, so far shrugging off concerns about a US economic slowdown. The economy has added 440,000 paid jobs in the last year, and total employment has topped the 15 …

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The dark side of debt reduction

Imagine if the CEO of a large corporation pledged his com- pany would never again borrow a single dollar. ”œDebt is bad,” he might announce to the annual meeting. ”œOur company will steadily pay off …

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To convert economic growth into well-being

Economists almost universally believe in the virtues of economic growth, and ”” despite my own occasionally heretical views on some economic subjects ”” I am enough of an economist to share that view. Sustainable economic …

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Two Roads to Kyoto: More or Less

Most Canadians support our ratification of the Kyoto Protocol for a profoundly non-economic reason. They worry about what kind of hellish lives their children and grandchildren will have to lead if the Earth's temperature continues …

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