Policy Options is a public forum for the informed discussion of public policy. Our contributors include academics, independent researchers, legislators, people in the nongovernmental and not-for-profit sectors, journalists, those in corporate Canada, and students. We celebrate a diversity of viewpoints on the public policy issues that face our country and the world.

Public policy is a vast subject – it can include everything from artificial intelligence to international trade, from health care to Indigenous affairs. We like submissions that analyze and critique policies, legislation, regulations, laws, and strategies, and we particularly look for articles that propose solutions. Because politics and public policy go hand-in-hand, we also accept submissions that scrutinize the political approaches to major issues of policy debate.

We encourage contributors to share their latest research with us, but please link it back to recommendations for improving public policy and thus Canadian life. Articles about other countries are welcome, but we like to hear how the subject relates to Canada.

We’re not afraid of articles that “get into the weeds” on issues, but always keep in mind that they must be understood by a wide audience, including people who have never read about your topic before. Avoid academic or industry jargon, and unpack your ideas in simple language.

We don’t accept footnotes or in-text citations – just point to outside source information in hyperlinks. (If you are referring to someone else’s statistics or research, we need a link.)

Figures and tables are welcome, but please include the underlying data and the source.

Aim for a length of 750-1,200 words. We will print longer pieces, but generally if they deal with complex matter or fresh research.

To submit an article, please e-mail the Word document to policyoptions@irpp.org. Please note that if we agree to publish your article, we will need a high-definition head shot of you and a short bio, for our web site.