Policy Options is a public forum for the informed discussion of public policy. We welcome your submissions. If accepted, they will be edited and published in the Magazine section of this website.

On subject matter, we define public policy very broadly to include both policies and the thinking that underlies policies. If it helps a concerned citizen better understand public life in Canada, it belongs here.

On style, bear in mind that Policy Options is for everyone. Specialist jargon should be kept to a minimum, but where it is necessary it should be explained. Do not assume readers possess all the background knowledge necessary to understand a subject, why it’s important, and why they should take time out of their hectic day to read about it. Instead, imagine a concerned citizen who is intelligent, follows the news and is interested in public affairs – but has no relevant academic qualifications, has a job that has nothing to do with public policy, and is busy. Write for that person.

No footnotes, please. This is not an academic journal. If necessary, cite the source in the text. Or better, use hotlinks.

Tables and charts are welcome, but please include the underlying data.

Articles can be as short as 500 words, but 1,000 to 1,500 is more typical. Long essays of 2,000 words or more may be published but only if that length is essential.

Please send submissions to jditchburn@irpp.org.