September 1, 2004

A fix for a generation?

Since becoming prime minister, Paul Martin has been quite adamant that health care would be the number one priority of his government. His plan for better health care ””...

France St-Hilaire, Harvey Lazar
September 1, 2004

La médecine imaginaire du Dr Diafoirus

La médecine a fait depuis un sié€cle des progré€s sans répit, inventant par milliers des maladies nouvelles. Louis Scutenaire, Mes inscriptions Autant l’admettre d’entrée de jeu, je n’ai pas...

Jean Paré
September 1, 2004

Canada: “A light to the world”

We are indebted to Canada because of the leadership of the former prime minis- ter, Lester Pearson, when he focused on the importance of having 0.7 per- cent of...

James D. Wolfensohn
September 1, 2004

Fear and loathing in 2004

Ah, the whiff of gunpowder, the roar of cannon, the cama- raderie of the war room, and the thrill of seeing the enemy fall. The suspension of all normal...

September 1, 2004

Back to the future – it’s 1963 all over again

Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s good fortune was his greatest irritant: John Diefenbaker. Diefenbaker’s exceptional parliamentary skills, his intense dislike of Pearson, and his deeply competitive nature contributed greatly to what...

John English
September 1, 2004

The election night surprise

On election night, few people were more surprised by the final tally than the political experts and pundits. The final five national media polls, con- ducted during the penultimate...

Maurice Pinard
September 1, 2004

The role of the media: a campaign saved by a horserace

The news media are generally assumed to be an important factor in election campaigns. Journalists, academics, and politicians routinely cite coverage as influential in the rise and fall of leaders,...

Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, Antonia Maioni, Stuart Soroka
September 1, 2004

Television attack ads: planting the seeds of doubt

The 2004 federal election may be remembered as much for re-introducing minority government to Parliament as it will for its political advertising. While few, if any, elections are won...

Jonathan Rose
September 1, 2004

Beaucoup plus que les commandites

Pour comprendre la signification et la portée des résultats de l’élection fédérale du 28 juin 2004 au Québec et son incidence sur la suite des choses, il faut se...

September 1, 2004

La demande devant l’offre

Vous avez aimé la dernié€re cam- pagne électorale fédérale? Si oui, tant mieux, car on recom- mence bientoÌ‚t, en mode mineur. Sinon, rassurez-vous, le paysage poli- tique n’a pas...

Alain Noà«l
September 1, 2004

In praise of Ontario

They say that there are only two types of Canadians: those who live in Toronto, and those who hate Toronto. Yet one of my great dis- coveries, since first...

September 1, 2004

L’arithmétique de la santé

Il y a une raison purement mathématique au taux d’aug- mentation du couÌ‚t des soins de santé pour le gouvernement, tout comme il y en avait une aÌ€ l’escalade...