Does Canada spend enough on fundamental, independent research at our universities? When funding is awarded to our scholars and scientists, is it done fairly? These are two of the central questions addressed by the report of Canada’s Fundamental Science Review, or the Naylor Report. The report came out in April, but many in the research community are still anxiously waiting for the federal government to respond to the recommendations.

Policy Options co-hosted a panel discussion on the report with Universities Canada. The participants included University of British Columbia President Santa Ono, Janet Rossant from the Gairdner Foundation, Indigenous legal scholar John Borrows from the University of Victoria, and PhD candidate Catherine Normandeau from Queen’s University.

You can also read a Policy Options piece on the subject by Universities Canada president Paul Davidson, published earlier this year.

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Santa Ono
Santa Ono is the president of the University of British Columbia.
Janet Rossant
Janet Rossant is the president and scientific director of the Gairdner Foundation.
John Borrows
John Borrows is an Indigenous legal scholar from the University of Victoria.
Catherine Normandeau
Catherine Normandeau is a PhD candidate from Queen’s University.
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