April 1, 2007

A blueprint for fiscal federalism

After allowing for the requisite set of policies relating to the high-profile environmental dossier and the generous sprinkling of electoral sweeteners that characterize minority budgets, Finance Minister James Flaherty’s...

April 1, 2007

Virage à  droite?

Les électeurs québécois ont-ils changé aÌ€ ce point? Ont-ils vrai- ment abandonné le projet souverainiste et l’idée d’un modé€le québécois distinct, aÌ€ saveur social- démocrate? Si on en juge...

Alain Noà«l
April 1, 2007

The media: all horse race, all the time

Quebec voters who selected their election season newspapers based on the expectation that their paper’s news coverage would be tilted toward favoured candidates were disappointed, according to a cam-...

Stephen J. Farnsworth, Blake Andrew, Stuart Soroka, Antonia Maioni
April 1, 2007

Un tripartisme de transition

« Ça sent 1976 ! » Le chef du Parti québécois, André Boisclair, ne pensait peut-être pas si bien dire durant cette campagne électorale provinciale, au terme de laquelle...

Éric Bélanger
April 1, 2007

Shades of a minority

By now, anyone who is remotely interested knows that Quebec voters elected themselves a minority government last month. Learned commentators reminded their audiences that this was a rarity, with...

April 1, 2007

Upgrading Alberta

He may have been out of politics in Alberta for more than two decades, but when Peter Lougheed speaks, he still commands enormous attention. And recently, he’s been speaking...