October 1, 2002

A record based on good spin – An Alliance view

It is almost unfathomable that some are attempting to immortalize former finance minister Paul Martin as a hero. Martin has attempted to make himself appear fiscally conservative and as...

Charlie Penson
October 1, 2002

A legacy, the media and more

Was it so very different working for Southam Inc. 10 or 20 years ago when they owned 17 news- papers across the country, and its chief execu- tive officers...

James Ferrabee
October 1, 2002

Robert Bourassa et l’économie du Québec

Pendant les trois décennies que dura sa carrié€re poli- tique, la grande priorité du premier ministre Bourassa fut le développement économique du Québec. Le développement social et culturel lui...

October 1, 2002

Corporate governance policy and the case for caution

The crisis in American corporate governance raises a number of important questions for Canadian policy- makers. Should governance matter to policymakers? Does Canada have a serious governance problem? What...

John S. McCallum
October 1, 2002

The promise of federalism

Countries facing serious conflicts do not find resolu- tion in formulaic responses. That, in summary, was the conclusion””and is the challenge””faced by the over 500 scholars, practitioners and government...