June 1, 2004

Echoes of 1957: a realignment in the making?

A short while ago the impending election was seen as a sizeable yawn. But then the sponsorship scandal turned into a puff of smoke the expectation that Paul Martin...

John Meisel
June 1, 2004

How to fix Western alienation

The first Canadian election that I paid any real attention to was the 1980 snap election that brought Pierre Trudeau back to power. I was 12 years old, living...

June 1, 2004

Civil society and North American integration

Recent proposals that have been put forward to ”œdeepen” North American integration ignore the role of an important actor, civil society, in a future North America. Proposals like those...

Laura Macdonald
June 1, 2004

La force de caractère

Au printemps 2003, en compa- gnie de l’ancien ministre péquiste Joseph Facal et du prési- dent de l’ADQ Guy Laforest, j’ai eu le privilé€ge dans ces pages d’analyser les...