May 1, 2002

30 years of IRPP publications

1977-78 The Canadian Condition: A Guide to Research in Public Policy The Institute is a learning body and, accordingly, its reading of the Canadian reality will become more accurate, more...

May 1, 2002

Ontario’s new electricity market

The restructuring of Ontario’s electricity system, which takes an important step with this month’s market opening, is part of a worldwide evolution. Just ten years ago, the world’s electricity systems...

John Grant
May 1, 2002

The voters’ tax credit

In ancient Athens, election officials used a rope dusted with red dye to force people from the marketplace to the assembly to vote. People moved in the direction of...

Bruce M. Hicks
May 1, 2002

A message from the President

This special issue of Policy Options celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. It reflects on the people our Board of Directors will honour...