May 1, 2004

Ethics at home and abroad

Imploring the political leadership of his day to avoid war, that rigorous 18th century moralist Immanuel Kant, quoting Matthew 10, advised kings and princes, ”œBe ye therefore clever as...

May 1, 2004

Ensuring supreme confidence in judicial appointments

Speaking at a Vancouver conference three years ago, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin remarked that few principles of our justice system are more poorly understood than judicial independence. Yet, she...

William Johnson
May 1, 2004

Democratic deficit? What democratic deficit

Recently, the relevance and role of elected MPs has been called into question. The alleged lack of influence has been attributed to a democratic deficit which stands in the...

Charles Caccia
May 1, 2004

Les commandites : un scandale essentiellement politique

Depuis le 10 février 2004, date ouÌ€ la vérificatrice générale du Canada (VGC), Sheila Fraser, a déposé son rapport sur les activités de commandite, de publicité et de recherche...

Yves Boisvert, Jean-Patrice Desjardins
May 1, 2004

A toast to the independent audit

The recent sponsorship scandal proves, once and for all, that the government has an enormous amount to learn about account- ability from the private sector. This whole dust-up would...

May 1, 2004

FTAs and sovereignty

The remarkable Canadian reality over the last half century is that we have progressively diverged socially from the Americans at the same time that we have progressively inte- grated...

May 1, 2004

Who Killed the Canadian Military? (book excerpt)

Who killed the Canadian mil- itary? Lester B. Pearson ”” inadvertently. Canadians have been enamoured with the idea of peacekeeping ever since Secretary of State for External Affairs Pearson...

J.L. Granatstein
May 1, 2004

Who Killed the Canadian Military? (book review)

Prior to 1998, Jack Granatstein was well known to many Canadians as an academic historian with particular interests in the Canadian military and 20th century politics and politicians. With...

Lawrence McDonough