April 1, 2006

The Canadian Priorities Agenda

Since the work of the Macdonald Royal Commission 20 years ago, there have been few occasions for Canadians to engage in a comprehensive discussion of the country’s economic and...

Jeremy Leonard, Christopher Ragan, France St-Hilaire
April 1, 2006

Canada’s capital challenge

Canada is a country that has been blessed with an abundant endowment of capital: human capital ”” a healthy and educated population; natural capital ”” our stocks of natural...

April 1, 2006

Canada – reversing the slow slide

The Conference Board’s ”œPerformance and Potential” report for 2005-06 compared Canada’s performance to that of 23 other OECD countries across six broad categories: Economy, Innovation, Environment, Education and Skills,...

Anne Golden
April 1, 2006

Canada’s national and international challenges

Canada is undergoing a profound economic and political transformation. Having benefited greatly from the free trade agreements with the United States and Mexico, Canada’s industrialized heartland is suf- fering...

Robert Lacroix
April 1, 2006

Priorities for a progressive Canada

Today, the sharpest challenge in the public affairs of Canada is to repair the instruments for deciding and implementing policy. They depend on a public will, now diffused not...

April 1, 2006

Modernizing the welfare state

The election of a Conservative minority government poses new challenges, but also opportunities, for further progress on the modernization imperative fac- ing Canadian social policy. Canada must modernize its...

April 1, 2006

Back to basics

The three most important prob- lems and policy challenges Canada is facing over the medium term are basic education, the aging population and national cohesion. First comes basic education....