February 1, 2004

Cities in ascendancy

While Canada has long since ceased to be a rural society, only recently have cities emerged as policy centre-stage. On the economic front, ”œglobal city regions” (GCRs) are now...

February 1, 2004

Time to build Canada’s Cities

Canadian cities are vital to Canada’s future pros- perity. What happens in our cities fundamentally affects GDP, the way we understand ourselves, and how we interact with the natural...

February 1, 2004

The problem, or not, of urban sprawl

Day in, day out, news media bring us echoes of the battle that is raging among critics and defenders of contemporary suburbs. For the former, urban growth on the...

Raphaà«l Fischler
February 1, 2004

In praise of modernist civic spaces in Canadian Cities

Contrary to what heritage groups, New Urbanists, and many architectural critics today would have us believe, modern architecture and planning have pro- vided Canadian cities with their most lively...

Derek Drummond
February 1, 2004

The politics of congestion

One of the most extraordinary sights in Canada is the DVP expressway in Toronto. ”œDVP” stands for ”œDon Valley Parkway,” but it is better known among locals as the...

February 1, 2004

Trade policy at the crossroads

When Paul Martin asked Jim Peterson to be his trade minister and separated the trade portfolio from foreign affairs, Peterson no doubt thought about the offer carefully, not long, but carefully....

Bill Dymond, Michael Hart
February 1, 2004

Jerks on all sides

In the last issue of Policy Options, my fellow columnist Joseph Heath wrote an (as always) interesting piece advising Canada’s political parties to beware their members whose ”œpolitical affilia-...