March 1, 2003

Can Consumers Bank on Mergers?

Relentless is the siren song for mergers among Canada’s big banks. Sirens, of course, were sea nymphs who sang so enchantingly that ships would crash on the rocks. In...

Robert R. Kerton
March 1, 2003

Canada Needs a Clear and Timely Merger Review Process

Canada needs a bank merger review process that properly addresses the public interest, advances the country’s prosperity and ensures our nation’s future financial sovereignty. We also need a process...

Gordon M. Nixon
March 1, 2003

Size Matters Doesn’t Mean Size Works

A massive restructuring of financial institutions around the world has taken place in the past two decades. In the United States alone, more than 8000 commercial and saving banks...

Ted Neave, Mihkel M. Tombak
March 1, 2003

Big is Good, Big Works

In Canada, as in most other countries, the issue of bank  mergers has been and continues to be one of great public interest and concern. This concern is justified....

James McIntosh
March 1, 2003

Kyoto: A Parliamentary View

The special issue of Policy Options on the Kyoto Protocol (December-January) was a timely one, coming as it did just before the historic House of Commons vote on December 10, 2002....

Charles Caccia