1 novembre 2006

A cooperation of civilizations

Honourable members of Parliament, in Afghanistan, in a very respectful place, you wear your hat, so I will wear my hat as a mark of respect. I thank you...

Hamid Karzai
1 novembre 2006

Canada in the balance

Whenever we discuss Canada’s future, people come at it from a full range of perspectives. In the world of politics and policy-making it is only too easy to see...

1 novembre 2006

How to make a new Liberal beginning

Choosing a leader and passing policy resolutions are not the most important business of the 2006 Liberal convention. Its dominant purpose should be to make the party again home...

1 novembre 2006

Risky business

The decision made by some 5,000 delegates at the Liberal leader- ship convention in December will be determined by the level of risk they are willing to assume with...

1 novembre 2006

La commission Tremblay

L’année 2006 marquait le cinquantié€me anniversaire du rapport de la Commission royale d’enqué‚te sur les problé€mes constitu- tionnels. Mise sur pied en 1953 par le gouvernement de Maurice Duplessis,...

Alain Noà«l