19 septembre 2013

Chemical combat

Q. You see the place where they broke through the French, they threw all the Canadian reserves the night of the 22nd, they threw all the Canadian reserves into...

Interview with Lester Stevens, 8th Battalion, Canadian Division
19 septembre 2013

The UN made them sick

In October 2010, only months after the country was devastated by a massive earthquake, Haiti was afflicted with another human tragedy: the outbreak of a cholera epidemic, now the...

Yale Law School
19 septembre 2013

In wake of conflict, education denied

Education seldom figures in assessments of the damage inflicted by conflict. International attention and the media invariably focus on the most immediate images of humanitarian suffering, not on the...

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
19 septembre 2013

The city that never suffers

For a capital city so frequently derided as “broken” by acrimonious partisanship and special interests, life in Washington, DC, has never been better for the political class. Or so...

19 septembre 2013

Feed the bears?

In 1966, prospects for Churchill, Manitoba, did not look good. The backwater port town on the west coast of Hudson Bay had been in steady decline since the military...

19 septembre 2013

The Age of Man

L’être humain intervient depuis des millénaires dans les écosystèmes de la planète. Mais depuis quelques générations, l’incidence de son action s’est à ce point amplifiée que certains pensent que...