5 janvier 2015

Voluntary values

Few areas of Canadian society highlight the effects of the government’s austerity movement like the voluntary sector. From fundraising to governance oversight and front-line service delivery, there is a...

5 janvier 2015

Ideas for a better Canada

Depuis sa création en 1988, la Fondation Boursiers Loran s’emploie à découvrir et à former les prochains leaders du pays. Quand d’autres programmes de bourses d’études privilégient la réussite...

Graham Fox
5 janvier 2015

Canada can do better

The members of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission (ecofiscal.ca) are Chris Ragan (Chair), McGill University; Elizabeth Beale, Atlantic Provinces Economic Council; Paul Boothe, Western University; Mel Cappe, University of Toronto; Bev...

Shirley Cardenas
5 janvier 2015

The moral call to action

There is a widely held perception that people in conservative faith communities, particularly Christian ones, have little concern for the state of the environment. The stereotype holds that conservative...

5 janvier 2015

Turning tide?

Stephen Harper may have pulled out of his dive. The annual opinion research conducted by Nanos Research for Policy Options in November 2014 found an 11-point jump over 2013—to...

5 janvier 2015

Keeping faith

Sometime in 2015, Pope Francis is expected to produce a papal encyclical setting out the Roman Catholic Church’s response to ecological and environmental challenges. The Pope has already signalled...