1 mai 2005

National missile defence: a wise decision for the moment

Prime Minister Paul Martin’s tempered February 24 refusal to participate in the proposed US continental missile defence was the third such measured Canadian rejection. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, facing...

Julian Schofield, Ara Karaboghossian
1 mai 2005

Nationalism left and right

One of the more unusual fea- tures of the Canadian political landscape, seldom explicitly noted, is that nationalist sentiment is far more pronounced on the left than it is...

1 mai 2005

Getting It Done (compte rendu)

Years ago a very successful and respected senior foreign service officer only half jokingly said to me that his memoirs would be titled ”œFrom Innocence to Irrelevance: The Life...

Paul D. Frazer
1 mai 2005


À la mi-mars, alors que les étu- diants québécois manifestaient en nombre record pour dénon- cer les coupures au programme de pré‚ts et bourses, les lycéens français prenaient aussi la...

Alain Noà«l