1 septembre 2008

The Doha Round and agrifood: a question of political will

Since the Doha Round was launched the agricultural negotiations have staggered from crisis to crisis, but recently the elements of a potential deal in the World Trade Organization have...

Michael Gifford, Alex F. McCalla, Karl D. Meilke
1 septembre 2008

The working poor: Canada and the world

In 2000, Canada, together with the 188 other members of the United Nations, made a commitment in the context of the Millennium Development Goals to work to eradicate extreme...

Jody Heymann, Magda Barrera, Alison Earle
1 septembre 2008

How (un)healthy are poor working-age Canadians?

Surveys consistently show that health is a top priority for the majority of Canadians (for instance, health care services and the health care system were found to be Canada’s...

Myriam Fortin
1 septembre 2008

Soulager la pauvreté

Les gouvernements font beaucoup d’efforts pour « rendre le travail payant ». L’expression est paradoxale puisque dans une économie de marché, le travail est normalement échangé contre un salaire....

1 septembre 2008

Left and Right in Global Politics (compte rendu)

In this fresh and interesting book, Alain Noéˆl and Jean-Philippe Thérien ”œseek to offer a better and more relevant interpretation of global- ization, which connects the domestic and international...

Gerard W. Boychuk