1 juillet 2006

Labour market ghost stories

He came to work Monday morning as usual, but instead of starting work, he made an announcement. ”œI quit,” he said, shocking his colleagues. Right there on the spot,...

1 juillet 2006

Facing up to the NAFTA paradox

Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Building on the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA has accelerated the economic integration...

1 juillet 2006

Renewing NORAD – now if not forever

This May, Washington and Ottawa renewed the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) agreement for the first time ever without an expira- tion date. Nevertheless, NORAD’s future is in...

Joseph T. Jockel, Joel Sokolsky
1 juillet 2006

Are Canadians anti-American?

Are Canadians anti-American? The answer seems obvious enough. Of course we are. Historians like me are steeped in the glib patriotisms of the anti- free-trade campaigns of 1891, 1911...

Norman Hillmer
1 juillet 2006

Au bas de l’échelle

Depuis vingt ans, le taux de choÌ‚- mage canadien a reculé, pour passer d’un sommet de presque 12 p. 100 en 1983 aÌ€ 6,1 p. 100 en mai 2006,...

Alain Noà«l