1 avril 2003

The Road to Baghdad Leads Through the UN

I want to reflect with you on shared challenges. On how in a danger- ous time, we can advance values cherished by our societies and admired by so many in...

Jean Chrétien
1 avril 2003

Why the « Big Idea » is a Bad Idea

In recent months, the same people who championed the FTA and NAFTA have been promoting the ”œbig idea” of still closer economic integration with the United States. What Tom...

Andrew Jackson
1 avril 2003

The Disappearance of Big Ideas

To say that ”œbig ideas” have dis- appeared from the political scene is simply an oblique way of describing what Francis Fukuyama referred to as the ”œend of history,”...

1 avril 2003

The First Nations Governance Act: A Legacy of Loss

By 1997, after decades of rancour with First Nations regarding their ability and right to be self-governing, the Government of Canada had seemingly settled on recognition, respect and reconciliation...

Frank Cassidy
1 avril 2003

The 50-50 Rule Lives – if Barely

The mid-1990s were a period of remarkable transparency in Canadian politics. In 1993, the federal Liberals published their famous Red Book and, after an electoral tri- umph, went ahead and...