Nik Nanos leads Nanos Research, which conducts research in Canada and the United States. He is a global fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC, and a research associate professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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A content Canada

The economy is weak, the price of oil has collapsed, and the loonie is doing a swan dive, but Canadians are surprisingly happy with the performance of the federal government and the general direction of …

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Erosion of confidence witnessed in 2010

The random telephone poll of 1,017 Canadians from November 1 to 5, 2010 found that Canadians this holiday season are not very festive. The Canada ”œright direction” number is 52.2 percent ”” almost identical to the 53.6 percent …

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From a nothing election to a seismic shift

The expected incremental change election turned into a seismic shift for all of Canada's federal political parties. For the Conservatives, the 2011 election should be considered a capping achievement: Stephen Harper moved from merging the …

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L'humeur du Canada en 2010 : une confiance ébranlée

Selon ce sondage téléphonique par échantillons aléatoires, mené du 1er au 5 novembre 2010 aupré€s de 1 017 Canadiens, nos compatriotes ne sont gué€re d'humeur festive aÌ€ l'approche de Noéˆl. Ce taux d'avis favorables (« dans une …

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Pensions: Show me the money

Canadians don't rank pensions very high on their list of today's public policy priorities, but at the same time they are deeply concerned about the viability of both public and private pensions in the future. There …

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