Lauren Dobson-Hughes is President of Planned Parenthood Ottawa, and actively involved in sexual health policy, women's rights and reproductive justice. Previously, Lauren worked for the Leader of Canada's New Democrats, Hon. Jack Layton MP, specializing in legislation, Parliamentary procedure and privilege. Originally British, and having worked in Westminster for the deputy leader of the Labour Party, under Tony Blair, Lauren also takes a keen interest in British politics. Lauren is currently Executive Director at RESULTS Canada, an international development NGO.

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10 suggestions for our feminist Prime Minister

Let’s go beyond the low-hanging fruit of a gender-balanced cabinet (you can find my take on the merit vs diversity debate here). How does a Prime Minister mainstream gender through everything his government does? Because that’s …

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Brexit: Where are the women?

On June 23rd, Britain will vote in a national referendum on whether we want to remain part of the European Union, or leave it. As the debate heats up, themes have emerged - immigration, sovereignty, the economy, which box …

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Diversity and merit - we can have both

Andrew Coyne's piece today takes issue with Trudeau's policy of gender equality in Cabinet. Coyne's central argument is that merit runs counter to diversity. You can either have merit, or you can have diversity. They're mutually …

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Labour's lessons for Canadian parties

After 13 years in government and five in opposition, coupled with tribal divides that make the Canadian Liberals seem like amateurs, the UK Labour Party finds itself at what is possibly (hopefully?) its nadir. The entrenched …

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Lessons From The UK Election - Part One

Last night's election in the UK marked a seismic shift in British politics and in the state of the union. I suspect we will deal with the fallout for many years. There is of course, the micro-analysis - yes, …

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Theresa May’s shrewd election bid

After repeatedly ruling out a snap election, this morning British Prime Minister Theresa May announced she will ask Parliament to trigger an election, to be held on June 8. (Under the Fixed Term Elections Act, …

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