David McLaughlin is the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s director of climate change — Canada. He served as president and CEO of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (2007 to 2012). He has been a campaign manager and was chief of staff to Conservative ministers as well as the premier of New Brunswick and prime minister of Canada.


Andrew Scheer’s climate opportunity

The Chinese written character for “crisis” perfectly frames the art of politics. It consists of two characters: danger and opportunity. In politics, danger to your opponent is opportunity for you. So stands the Conservative Party of Canada …

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The Canada-US trade and energy relationship

Much of Canada's wealth and well-being is attributable to its success as a trading nation; in particular trade with the United States. The characteristics of the two economies and the trade flows between them provide …

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Climate change policy in Canada

2019 has seen huge developments in Canadian politics, and we still have months to go until the federal election. We know some of the political questions that will define election 43. But what about the …

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